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Viet Hand Furniture would like to give our dear customers best wishes and a big welcome. We are a company of indoor and outdoor furniture, we supply self-watering planters, furniture and decorative fruits made of varied materials such as fiber, wood, high quality plastic or wicker for domestic and European market.

We earn customers’ trust by providing high quality products and professional service. The technology and materials we use in every line of products are truly remarkable compared with other companies at the same sector.

Our sale agents and staffs are all professional and dedicated which promise to give you best service and care. They have deep understanding about the company products and are willing to answer all your questions when using our products.

With the main theme “Adorn your life”, Viet Hand Furniture manufactures will perfect your outdoor and indoor space to bring you a green and convenient life with the most reasonable cost. We believe that our modern products will become a priority choice of Vietnamese and foreign families. We really expect your care and support in the future.


- ABS Plastic

We mainly use this material in producing our planters. ABS plastic is an ideal material for a planter when impact resistance, strength and stiffness are required. Currently we have two factories for making pots and furniture and ABS plastic is always our priority material. With excellent aesthetic quality, you will be completely assured that your ABS planters are very perdurable.

- Poly rattan

Our poly rattan is an inspiration from natural rattan, which is the strongest palm tree that can grow up high as hundred feet. Here we want the best quality products for our customers so we use poly rattan for long lasting planters and furniture. These are all manually winded so they still have the ancient and sophisticated look. From our rich wicker pattern collection, you will surely choose a suitable planter.


Pine is lightweight wood that can be yellowish with some brown knots. We create big and tall planters with pine wood for those users who like farmhouse style-furniture. Pine also develops a nice vintage and rustic look for your room and it totally resists shrinking and swelling.

- Fiber

This a pretty new material in making tables and chairs but it is actually a great choice for elegant and long lasting furniture. With a natural gray color, we believe fiber material will offer you a modern look and more durable and comfortable using.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is mainly derived from the native trees and shrubs in Pacific Islands and Asia. We use acacia wood for many of our furniture due to its highly durable and long lasting characteristics. Usually coated in light or dark brown color, it is naturally attractive and gives a warm and rich touch to any home. Mainly we use acacia wood for table legs because it is water-resistant and ideal for heavy item like tables and chairs.


Metal is used for the frame of our products like planters or chairs to make them firm and steady. Iron is primarily opted for the frame thanks to its perdurable and hard features.




Decorative Fruit

Classic Planter

Sandy Wicker Planter

Thin Wicker Planter

Metal frame wicker planter

Pine Wooden Planter

Fiber Planter

Cement Fiber Table




With all trending product – well designed by our team, Viet Hand Furniture appreciated to bring all the best to our dearest international customer. We would like to express our gratitude for your faithful co-operation so far and hope to serve you better in the future.



We have attaneded the LifeStyle  fair since the beginning and always welcome new customers to the biggest Furniture fair in Vietnam – we show around 60m2 From April 18th to April 21st – Open from 08:00 to 17:00  



We have attended the VIFA fair since the beginning and we always welcome new customers to the biggest Furniture fair in Vietnam – our exhibition booth is 36m2 From March 7th to March 10th – Open from 08:00 to 17:00  


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